Maid Becoming Master


Coming home from work turn out to be something different! Her maid was home and after arrival she prepared her a drink and offered to sit and relax after a hard day at work! What she didn’t know is that drink she got is special, and she’s about to find that very soon!

After a minute or two, she felt a sleep at her couch, and after she woke up tied with her hand and feet tied up, she started to wonder what’s happening… It’s not too long when she found out that her maid is about to play with her a little. She undressed her and the play started. Now the pages are turned.

The Maid became her Master and started to order her things to do, including foot massage and masturbation. The Next day things didn’t change. She accepted her role as a maid and started to enjoy this new role. Giving pleasure to women was her hidden fantasy.


Maid master

House cleaning girl

Foot fetish

Master – Slave

Becoming lesbian

First lesbian experience

Tied up

Lesbian fantasy

Feet worship

High heels worship

Nylons feet

Masturbation in Nylons





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