Amazing gift from my wife


My wife called me and told me she has a surprise for me at home for new year’s evening! Of course, I was thinking that she will wear some lingerie or something and that she’ll wait me in the bedroom like she said to me. But when I come into our bedroom I found something interesting! There were a girl I didn’t know. I putted smile on my face and approached to my present and immediately pushed her to my cock. I saw she was hungry for my big cock and I gave it to her! On this video, you’ll see how cock hungry was this bitch! I can never thank enough my wife for this amazing gift and amazing blowjob! Later, my present went home or somewhere and my wife and I spent great evening and we had one of the greatest fuck ever!


New years gift

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fucking her throat

cum in her throat

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wife’s special gift

wife brings a girl home





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